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Don’t hesitate to tour the site–but do take caution as things are not what they seem. 

Check in soon for the dawn of a new Nicholas Andriani where i’ll be exploring more fiction, new coordinates (through the travel blog) and obscure cultures.

Until then

In 2012 I bought a one-way ticket to Morocco, sold my car, picked up an Arabic dictionary and enrolled in an archaeological field school in the Middle East.

Driven by the desire to see every inch of this planet (borders and politics be damned), I set out to get to the bottom of who I am and what I want from this world. Traveling mostly on foot I hitchhiked around North Africa, hiked Spain’s Mediterranean coast , caught a plane to Egypt where I wandered across Sinai into the Middle East and settled in Jordan, living amongst Bedouin and colleagues working on an excavation. Intrigued by the crisis in Syria I began tagging along with journalists, who were anticipating the extreme force that was to come, before making my way into Palestine and Israel where I found a land cloaked in obscurity and experienced a full paradigm shift. Landlocked I caught a plane to Greece and roamed the ancient landscapes, island-hopping my way to Turkey. Experienced the best of Byzantium, Constantinople, and Istanbul. And, with one final burst of energy, found my way back home to the States.This is my story, and those to come. Posts are not sorted chronologically, rather they find their way to the blogosphere when I feel it’s high time they make their debut.

Between travels i’ll be working on the manuscript of my first book. A memoir titled “Yallah, Bye” in which i’ll recount my wild days abroad during the Arab spring. Exposing the cultures, food, history and daily stresses and blessings of raw, solo travel through the Middle East.

Take your time to peruse my blog and see what else we have to offer. From internationally inspired art to recipes I’ve discovered across the globe, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

I would love to hear from you–feel free to contact me at info@nicholasandriani.com for any questions, comments or concerns.

–Nicholas Andriani

207 thoughts on “ABOUT

    1. Wow, I imagine Morocco would have been in a more exotic, less traveled state, at that time! Must have been quite wild ;) It remains wild, and so damn lovely. I never had planned on returning to the locations along my route, in order to see other parts of the world, but I became obsessive… In a healthy way! And, I feel I must return.
      I admire your work and truly enjoy the uplifting qualities of your articles that remind me that spring is here. And it’s about time I begin my own organic garden!


  1. Thanks for liking my very first post :-) It’s very encouraging! And what an interesting story you have. Congratulations on your book and keep up the great work!

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    1. Cheers! Right back at you. Every “like” I receive keeps me rolling right along. And WordPress is an extremely supportive community for us artists. I’m happy to have come across your blog and look forward to your work and growth in the future.


  2. A Texan in Turkey…? Just had to post a little howdy from an American who left Texas in 2006 to live on the south coast of Turkey. Lived there for 4 years, lived in the north of France for 5 years and is now back on a ranch in Texas planning my escape with my Dutch wife back to our former village on the south coast of Turkey. You made it to Istanbul, but if you did not spend time on the Mediterranean coast, then you need to return. In the meantime, enjoy each and every day to the fullest.

    Yavas yavas
    Ken Curtis


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    1. What a great platform to receive a howdy ;)

      Haha, I have many return trips planned for Turkey. I’ve been toying with the thought of getting involved with a dig at some point. My original plans were to hike through Syria and Turkey back in 2012, until the obvious happened… the day will come however.

      Great website by the way. I’ll absolutely get in touch next time I head out that way.

      Have you reacclimatized to Tejas? I struggle with that every time, specially after attempting to walk like a local for months on end… but years! Can’t imagine. Anyway, the Turkish bug already has your attention ;) Haha, it’s quite the mistress.

      Ken, thanks for stopping by and dropping a message.



  3. Would love to have an ‘About me’ story like yours someday. I’ve always been fascinated by the Middle East – the history, culture, people. I will have to go through your blog in detail and read about your experience.

    And I’m glad you enjoyed some of my pictures. Thanks for the likes! :)

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  4. Nicholas, you liked some of our writing while we were still in NZ and I didn’t really get a chance to check out your blog until coming back to the states. I really like your blend of history, art, food, etc. It’s a full cultural take on a location, not just the Lonely Planet version. When do you think you’ll be publishing your book? Self publish or are you going through a house?

    Anyway, keep it up. Hopefully our blog gives you fulfilling distraction as you write and not a waste of time!


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  5. Your story sounds very inspiring. One of my most memorable experiences was climbing Mount Sinai through the night to watch the sunrise over the desert, truly unforgettable. Thank you for visiting my blog and I am very glad I have found yours. Joanna


  6. Hey Nicholas.. i find your blog extremely interesting! you have been on places that i’m dreaming of visiting, shooting photos, blending in and tasting everything that the surroundings has to offer… I’m gonna read every story that you have written… wishing you all the best in your adventures


  7. Stumbled on your blog randomly! Nice to see someone so interested in Arab culture! I’m also a student of Archaeology and Ancient history (in my final year!). If you need any help or have questions about Bahrain don’t hesitate to contact me! Best of luck (Allah ywafgek!)


  8. Hi Nicholas, Thanks for stopping by my page. I am intrigued by your site and will look around. What a leap you took and what wonderful adventures. Looking to learn more about your memoir.


  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Nicholas. I gather you’re from Texas? So am I. I’ve been living on the West Coast for almost six years now and that’s about how long I’ve been hiking. All the best to you on your endeavors.


  10. Thanks for “liking” my post. So glad for that – your blog is about a region I’ve dreamed of visiting for years. Byzantium interests me to no end. Will follow you so I can continue reading. Cheers mate!


  11. All of this is so inspiring to me! I have always desired to travel, to see and experience how other cultures live. I started traveled to Costa Rica last spring (where I hope to return to one day) and now I am going to Spain this summer on a pilgrimage and moving to Italy in the fall for school. I’d love travel advice from you! Especially since over next winter break I hope to backpack in the Middle East, which you seem to know tons about! I can’t wait to read your book!


    1. You’re off to a wonderful start. Would like to see Costa Rica, myself ;) The rainforest has always felt so raw and special to me.
      Are you in Spain currently?
      Then Italia! How damn cool. Another place i’ve yet to visit-i’ll have to follow your time there.
      Absolutely. Any questions you may have, shoot my way. There’s much to be discovered, yet. The Middle East is famous for all the wrong reasons and i’m thankful to be part of the opposing view of that.


    1. ISIS has gone apeshit and i’m frankly overwhelmed by their philosophy/actions. Clearly immature, judging by their tactics. Same old story, only with a whole other megalomaniac at the center.
      I’m frustrated (an understatement) by these moments in which MENA finds itself in tune with a potential renaissance, if you will, only to be stunted by the next generation of extremists.
      Since they’ve emerged I’ve taken a back seat. Focusing on my book and projects at hand and i’m sorry I can’t provide you with more information.
      I can’t keep out of it much longer though and will surly be in touch.
      Hope all is well Don


  12. just WOW!
    I do hope to find adventures like that soon (but more on wildlife aspect, I guess). :)

    By the way, I’m curious on how you found out about one of my posts. Hope you don’t mind :3


  13. Hello Nicholas, I chanced upon your blog following your like to discover this gem :) Your experience and travels sound really interesting and inspirational – I look forward to reading more posts from you.


  14. Hello Nicholas, thanks for stopping by @ trashbus and liking my post! Please do come back for the story I am about to publish – I’d be glad to have you as a reader! Your blog seems to be pretty adventurous and I am looking forward to exploring your world!


  15. Great blog Nicholas. Discover the birthplace of libraries while in the Middle East?somewhere in Iraq I think… Now that would be the dig of a lifetime for me. Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me discover your adventure!


  16. Delightful, the diamonds of travel, desserts just as enticing as the main course, colours, flavours, experiences, leave no time for remorse, Thank you Yallah Bye, from a native North Carolina girl, I’ll be checking back for more exciting peeks into your worlds.


    1. What kind words you speak. Haha, thank you. Truly encouraging ;) That was lovely, poetry, well said!

      I’m pleased to have discovered When Quiet-time to read more.

      Hope all is well on the East Coast!


  17. Thanks for your like on my post about a special “thank-you” portrait. I don’t know if you’re familiar with it, but there is a book, long out of print (1957) titled “Yallah” by Paul Bowles, and it’s a record of his one-man journey across Northern Africa and the Western Sahara. It’s chock full of wonderful black and white photos. He really knew how to capture the essence of the spare landscape and its occupants. If you ever run across an old copy, snap it up!


  18. OH MY STARS!!! You are my hero and your story is just awesome-sauce! I love the whole shoe theme and freakin’ want to get a pink pair if you ever go back *wink. I guess reading your work has formed a whole new traveler phase of worship and I love your lifestyle format. The way you explain and have humor/humbleness is refreshing. I also think that chocolate guy was sooo hot…ooppss getting off topic. Just raising my hand to you and waving a peace sign from the odd state of Michigan (I used to live in San Francisco so whatever). Loved your blog and thank you for the smile on my face!


  19. Hi, this is Sarah from Hen House. You gave me your card and I checked out part of your blog. I think it’s quite fascinating and I admire your independent nature in traveling the world to learn about other cultures and their history. Can’t wait to see more to come!


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